New Green Me Duo Eyeshadow – 02 Velvety Touches

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Compact eyeshadow duo for a perfect look.Ideal for:enhancing your eyes with a sophisticated look and a single product.It is special because of its vegan formula, with 94% of ingredients derived from raw materials of natural origin, is enriched with phytosqualane. Its silky texture is a joy to apply the two incredible shades with a metallic finish, or a combination of matte/metallic finishes, can be used on their own or together with the colour is intense, easy to blend and pairs perfectly with the Green Me Eyeliner.

Your eyes are highlighted by a sophisticated make-up look, perfect for any occasion.

Apply some KIKO MILANO Neutral Eye Base or Pearly Eye Base to the lids. Apply the eyeshadows with the Green Me Double Eye Brush: use the rounded tip for blending the eyeshadow on the lid and the angled tip for blending it underneath the eyes. The Green Me Duo Eyeshadow shades match the Green Me Duo Eyeliner & Kohl pencil to perfection, for creating a flawless eye look.

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