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Cleansing and exfoliating konjac face sponge

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Cleansing and exfoliating konjac face sponge.Ideal for:gently eliminating impurities.It’s special because:- its green formula, with 99% of ingredients deriving from raw materials of natural origin, is enriched with konjac root;- it is suitable for normal and sensitive skin types;- it can be used for daily face cleansing;- it gently exfoliates thanks to its soft texture;- it's vegan.

From first use the skin appears super soft, naturally cleansed and smoothened.

To allow the sponge to reach maximum levels of size and softness, we recommend immersing it in warm water before use. Once it has been used, the sponge will naturally stiffen as it dries. Simply immerse it in more warm water to soften it again..Use after removing makeup.

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