Face 02 Intensive Coverage Brush

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Face and eye brush with densely packed fibers for applying concealers as well as cream and powder eyeshadows.The brush’s densely packed bristles and rounded tip permit an even and precise application and easily buildable coverage.The soft, high-quality bristles are flexible, durable and highly effective at applying the different products. They also feel velvety smooth on the skin.The brush’s matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.

The densely packed bristles and rounded tip permit extremely precise application and blending. Uniform and professional-looking finish. Fast and meticulous application.

To cover dark circles, deposit a small amount of concealer under the inner and outer corners of the eye. Blend the product by moving the brush in a circular motion starting from the outside and moving inwards.You can also use the brush to apply concealer or highlighter on facial, forehead or chin lines. It’s ideal for highlighting certain areas, such as above the lip or the base of the nose.For minor imperfections, such as pimples or discolourations, use the brush to dab concealer on the problematic area.

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