Face 14 Face And Body Brush

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Brush with synthetic fibers for applying face and body powders

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Brush for applying and blending pressed and loose powders on the face, neckline and body. This multipurpose brush is suitable for various applications, such as:- applying face powders;- blending;- highlighting;- sculpting;- contouring.The dense synthetic bristles let you collect just the right amount of product to create a smooth, even finish. The brush’s horizontal shape makes it easy to dust products over large or small surfaces of the face and body. Thanks to the large top, products can be applied quickly and without fuss.The high-quality, soft bristles ensure that the product is applied evenly. The narrow edges adapt perfectly to the contours of the face, whereas the rounded corners allow for a precise, targeted application.The brush’s matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.

This brush allows large and small areas of the face and body to be easily covered with product. The bristles’ high quality and the brush’s unique shape ensure an even application for smooth, flawless results.

When applying powder, use the broad side of the brush.When applying bronzer, use the narrow side of the brush.When applying blush, use the corner of the brush and apply the texture with small circular motions.

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