Bow Headband

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Elastic headband.

Ideal for:
keeping your hair tidy and avoiding it getting in your way during your beauty routine.

It’s special because:
-it’s soft and practical to use, allowing you to reach even the most outer parts of your face with the various products, without dirtying your hair or having to move it while it’s in place;
-it’s suitable to all hair types and head sizes;
-thanks to its vibrant, trendy design, it can be instantly transformed into a stylish accessory to show off on any occasion.

Available in one design and size only.

Impeccable style, even during your beauty routine. No more hair getting in the way during skincare treatments.

1.Gently place your head inside the headband, stretching it slightly and pulling it below your chin.
2.Place the front part of the headband (the one with the adjustable knot in the centre) above your forehead, making sure it fits perfectly and that there are no strands of hair touching your face;
3.Apply the products from the KIKO MILANO Superfood collection, following the complete skincare routine.

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