Makeup Remover Cotton Pads 01

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Reusable cotton make-up remover pads.Ideal for:gently removing make-up, including waterproof make-up.They’re special because:-they’re soft, practical and made of 100% cotton;-they can be used daily with a cleanser to remove make-up or to gently apply serums and toners;-they come in a handy cotton drawstring bag;-every pack contains 6 pads: 3 with a smooth surface for gently removing skincare products, and 3 with a mesh surface for thorough make-up removal;-they come in a handy cotton drawstring bag where they can be stored or washed in-they are hand- and machine-washable

Skin appears super soft and cleansed after just one use.

1. To remove make-up, soak the pads in a facial cleanser and massage the skin with gentle circular or outward movements depending on the part of the face to be cleansed.2. Wash the pads in warm water using a suitable soap.3. To apply toners or serums, pour a small amount of product onto a clean pad and gently massage into cleansed skin. Then clean the pad.4. Allow the pad to dry completely before returning it to the cotton bag.



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