Neutral Eye Base

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Tone-neutralizing eye base that helps set eyeshadow.The creamy texture aids both the application and setting of the eyeshadow, extending its hold over time*. Its light pigmentation neutralizes the colour of your eyelids, emphasizing the eyeshadow colour.The finish is delicate and natural for professional-looking, flawless eye make-up. The formula guarantees undetectable coverage and hold.The product is easy to apply, thanks to its handy tube with its eye drop-style tip. The modern packaging stands out with its shiny black cap with the KK logo embossed on the top.Ophthalmologically tested.Non-comedogenic.*Clinical and instrumental comparison test conducted on 20 women who applied the Neutral Eye Base followed by a KIKO eyeshadow

The eyeshadow adheres to the lid in a perfectly even manner without gathering in the eyelid crease. The eyeshadow colour appears brighter and remains flawless for a long period.

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