New Green Me Body Shower Bar

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Solid shower body bar with coffee extract.Ideal for gently cleansing the body whilst revitalising and refreshing the skin. It’s special because of its vegan formula, with 92% of ingredients derived from raw materials of natural origin, is enriched with coffee extract, panthenol and sunflower oil;-its solid texture lathers into a light foam with water, gently cleansing the skin and leaving it soft and energised after rinsing;-it is clinically tested on sensitive skin, its colour comes from natural pigments, and it has a fresh fragrance with notes of bamboo. it is practical, lightweight and water-free format makes it ideal for travelling and can go in your hand luggage when flying;-it lasts as long as two 125 ml bottles;-it comes in FSC-certified card packaging made of 40% recycled fibres.

Perfect for taking on a new day, your skin is cleansed, soft and energised, without feeling dried out.

1. Wet the shower bar and rub it between your hands to create a delicate lather.2. Massage gently onto your body.3. Rinse carefully.Let the product dry thoroughly after use. Use with the Green Me Bamboo Soap Dish.

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