Eyes 55 Base Shader Brush

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Flat brush with synthetic fibers for applying eye base

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Flat brush for applying eye base as well as concealers, highlighters and cream eyeshadows.Its synthetic bristles and flat, slightly pointed shape allow for an application that is consistent and targeted. The synthetic fiber bristles are flexible, durable and highly effective at applying product, which glides on smoothly.The brush’s matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look, whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.

The flat, pointed shape of this brush makes it ideal for accurately and evenly blending cream eyeshadows, primers, concealers and highlighters.

Use the tip of the brush on blemishes, applying creamy products with short, quick and controlled strokes until you achieve an even finish.

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