Days In Bloom – Flowery Brush Set 01

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Set containing a pouch and a multi-purpose 4-in-1 brush: two inner brushes for applying and blending powder eye products, two outer brushes for applying powder and cream face products.It is special because its completely innovative design features four interlocking tips with synthetic bristles for different products and areas of the face coming in a rectangular PVC envelope-shaped pouch embellished with a sophisticated floral pattern, it can be used to carry your make-up and brushes with you wherever you go for a polished look whatever the occasion, even when travelling.It comes with 1 wide rounded tip for the face, ideal for flawlessly applying and blending powders 1 rounded tip for the eyes, perfect for applying and blending powder eyeshadows without smudges 1 flat tip for the face, with a tapered shape for precisely applying cream products 1 precision tip for eyes, suitable for creating defined looks.

The ideal accessory set for picking up, applying and flawlessly blending the right amount of product &ndash# complete with a stylish, practical and elegant pouch that’s perfect for travel.

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