Creamy Lipgloss

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Wet Look Lip Gloss Pencil with intense colour and ultra shiny finish.Pure concentrated shine in a soft, creamy pencil for finished lips in just a few steps, with an ultra glossy look that is both simple and leaves an impression. The texture envelops the lips with a velvety consistency that blends to glide on like a pastel. Lips feel smooth, hydrated and comfortable. The formula has been enriched with active replenishing agents and a special combination of the latest generation natural materials. The rounded tip allows for easy application, guaranteeing instant colour release.Thanks to its innovative packaging, Creamy Lipgloss is always ready for use. By rotating the base, the pencil extends upwards without needing to be sharpened. The shape of the pencil makes the product practical to use and easy to carry around for regular retouching.

Hydrating intense colour and ultra glossy finish that is supple and soft for extreme comfort. A gentle creamy texture and crystal clear shine to light up and outline lips in a single movement.

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