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Double-ended face mask brush.Ideal for:applying face masks with extreme precision, without getting your hands dirty.It’s special because:- the silicone tip allows you to precisely pick up the mask;- the synthetic recycled fibre tip allows you to easily apply the product;- it guarantees an even and defined coverage of the mask on various areas of the face;- thanks to its soft fibre and silicone bristles, It’s comfortable on the skin and doesn’t scratch it;- it allows you to apply the correct amount of product, without wasting any;- its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and gives you full control when applying the mask.

The face is left radiant. Your features are instantly enhanced with extraordinary radiance.

1.Pick up a small amount of product with the silicone fibre tip and apply it using the synthetic recycled fibre tip, using gentle movements so that it adheres well to the various areas of the face.
2.Unless you’re using a specific mask, avoid applying masks around the eyes and lips.
3.When you have finished applying the mask, rinse the brush to remove any excess product from the bristles and leave to dry horizontally.

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