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Metallic loose powder eyeshadow

The new formula with a 2-in-1 applicator can be used both as an eyeliner, to define your eye contour, and as an eyeshadow, to complete your look with captivating shades!Ideal for:creating endless graphic and sensual looks.It’s special because:- the new multi-use formula contains two products in one and is ideal to use on the go!- the precious metallic texture with amazing colour payoff, intensifies your look in just one stroke- it comes in 6 extraordinary on-trend finishes, to perfectly match your outfit or mood!

Brighten your summer: the highly pigmented formula adds sophisticated notes of colour to your eyes, for a vibrant and multifaceted look.

Start by applying the eyeshadow along the lash line, then apply the product to the entire eyelid, repeat until you’ve achieved your desired colour intensity.For a more graphic look, blend gently using the recommended face powder brush.For the eyeliner: draw a line along the lashes, coming off at a slightly upward angle near the outer corner of the eye.





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