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Empty 30 ml travel pot

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Empty 30 ml travel pot.Ideal for:holding and transporting cosmetic formulas, such as creams, serums, foundation and powders with a touch of classIt’s special because:- it’s washable and reusable, to reduce plastic consumption- the twist-off cap lets you fill the container quickly and easily- its smaller size makes it perfect for even the most compact beauty case and ideal for transporting liquids on planes- comes in bright summery shades so you can easily distinguish each product and add a personal touch to your beauty routine!Not suitable for alcohol-based formulas (including perfumes), nail polishes or solvents.

A stylish and sustainable way to travel: thanks to this cool washable and reusable pot, you can transport your favourite products safely and conveniently, ensuring your beauty routine is not only fun and original, but green!

1) Open the cap.2) Decant the product, either liquid or cream formula.3) Carefully screw the cap back on.4) Dispense the product.5) Wash with water. The pot is ready to be reused!For optimal storage of cosmetic formulas, decant them in hygienic conditions, with clean hands and without directly touching the contents.Use the decanted product within a few days.We recommend keeping the original packaging for its product identification information.





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