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3 in 1 mascara.Ideal for:opening the eyes and giving the lashes a volume, length and curl-enhancing effect.It’s special because:-its ultra-black formula is enriched with peach blossom extract;-it has a fluid, elastic texture that creates a fine, lightweight film that won’t weigh your lashes down;- the special elastomer brush enables the ideal quantity of product to be distributed uniformly all along the length of the lashes, without leaving clumps, even reaching shorter lashes;- by simply building up the layers, the lashes appear volumised, thicker, longer, and intensely lifted.

Spectacular lashes, wrapped in a light texture and enhanced by an irresistible combination of effects: from the first application, they appear volumised, lengthened and curled. A panoramic look, in the blink of an eye.

1. Hold the brush horizontally to the eye and apply the mascara along the entire length of the lashes with delicate upward movements.2. Rotate the brush, starting at the roots of the lashes and moving towards the tips, to separate, lift and give them a curled effect.



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