Face 15 Sculpting Brush 01

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Compact brush with an angled tip, for even sculpting. Ideal for liquid formulas, creams and powders.The compact, high-density fibre bristles follow the shape of the jawline and underline the cheekbones for sophisticated and artfully defined makeup. The high-quality synthetic fibres offer flexibility, resistance and superior performance when blending products. Application is quick and easy.The matte black handle has an elegant, modern and professional aesthetic, whilst the gunmetal-finish ferrule with KK branding engraved on the side makes the brush even more exclusive. The handle’s ergonomic, semi-rounded shape makes the brush easy to handle and gives you absolute control when blending product.

The angled side of the brush allows you to enhance the shadowed areas of the face, reshaping the features and creating a skilful chiaroscuro contrast, for a sculpted effect. Features are enhanced, balanced and reshaped. Even and professional results.

To define the features, begin applying at the hairline then move on to the temples, along the cheekbone, and along the jaw. Blend carefully.



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