Face 12 Powder Fan Brush

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Fan powder brush with synthetic bristles

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Fan-shaped brush that’s ideal for:- adding the finishing touch to make-up;- gently and delicately applying and blending face powders;- removing any excess make-up.The soft, smooth bristles caress the skin. The synthetic fiber bristles are flexible, durable and highly effective at applying and removing product.The brush’s matte black handle gives this elegant tool a modern and professional look, whereas the ferrule with its gunmetal finish and engraved KK monogram adds a classy touch. The handle’s ergonomic, oval shape makes it easy to grip for a controlled application.

The flat fan brush redistributes the powders applied to the face for an even finish. The complexion appears smooth, as if a professional applied the make-up.

To remove any excess make-up, brush the forehead, the cheeks, the chin and under the eyes with broad, sweeping strokes.To apply face powder, take a small amount of texture and apply it to the face with broad, sweeping strokes.

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