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Palette with bronzer, highlighter and powder

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Trio palette with bronzer, highlighter and matte-effect fixing powder.Ideal for:revitalising the complexion while enveloping your skin and features in a sophisticated veil of radiance with just one product.It’s special because:-the products’ sensorial and weightless textures are highly pigmented and velvety to the touch, plus they adhere perfectly to the skin;-it contains 4 different powders to sculpt your features, enhance your points of light and fix your make-up without ruining it;-all the products are easy to blend and perfectly match the complexion for a natural, buildable result, from light to intense;-it’s pleasantly scented with enveloping rose notes;-it's perfect for on-the-go touch-ups thanks to the handy integrated mirror.

Your face and features are wonderfully enhanced: the complexion is revitalised and natural hints of light are brought out by an irresistible natural radiance, blemishes are minimised and make-up lasts longer.

1. Highlighter: apply the product to your cheekbones, chin, bridge of your nose, eyebrow arch and gently blend it.2. Bronzer: apply the product to the face and décolletage, gently blending outwards.3. Powder: pick up the powder with a swirling movement and apply it evenly over your whole face.For precise, flawless results, use the Charming Escape 3-in-1 Face Brush, adjusting the bristles with several clicks to reach the right length suitable for the type of product that’s being used.





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