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Eye duo: eyebrow pencil and black eye pencil

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Eye duo: eyebrow pencil and black eye pencil.Ideal for:flawlessly defining and reshaping the eyebrows, while intensifying the gaze and enhancing the eyes.It’s special because:-the new multi-use formula contains two products in one for unique and flawless make-up results;-it’s extremely easy and there’s no need to sharpen the tip, making it ideal to use on the go!The black eye pencil has a fine, retractable tip, ensuring extremely precise lines.The eyebrow pencil is automatic and has a retractable tip, creating optimal colour release while perfectly gliding onto the eyebrows;-it’s buildable in intensity, allowing you to create different make-up looks according to the angle of the pencil:-tip: for a fine and precise line;-flat: for a soft and light line;-angled: for a thicker, more intense line;

Defined and sculpted, eyebrows regain their natural flawlessness. Eyes are enhanced by intense black and precise lines. A flawless eye look with just one product.

The eyebrow tip is available in various shades, while the eye pencil is only available in black.1. Choose the shade best suited to your colouring.2. Once you have selected the shade, work with small strokes, following the natural shape of the eyebrows, starting from the beginning and filling in any thinner patches.3. Apply the black eye pencil to the inner and outer rim of the eye to beautifully enhance the gaze.





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