Beauty Essentials Fast Drying Nail Lacquer

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Professional-finish nail lacquer, fragranced with peony.Ideal for enhancing your nails and completing your spring beauty look with a trendy manicure.It is special because its formula, fragranced with notes of peony, is enriched with excipients that set the colour in just a few seconds it contains a high concentration of pigments and pearls that reflect the light and create a sophisticated gloss effect the long, rounded bristles perfectly follow the shape of your nails, making the lacquer easy to apply each shade is calibrated with extreme precision to optimise coverage and get the most out of the colour.

For a manicure that is always perfect, on-trend and fragrant. Professional results, intense colour release and super radiant.

1. Apply a KIKO MILANO sheer base coat to protect your nails and make it easy to apply the nail lacquer. Leave to dry.2. Apply two coats of your chosen colour, leaving time for each coat to dry.3. Apply a KIKO MILANO top coat to make the colour even more dazzling and long-lasting.

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