Beauty Essentials 3-In-1 12H Long Lasting Mascara

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Black long-lasting 12-hour* hold 3-in-1 mascara with dual applicator.Ideal for achieving up to three different and dazzling effects with just one product.-Volume-enhancing effect-Curling and lengthening effect-Panoramic, volume-enhancing effect when both applicators are combined.It is special because it has a formula enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter its innovative format with a dual applicator allows you to create different eye looks its elastic texture allows you to distribute the mascara along the length of the lashes or overlap it, without leaving clumps or weighing your lashes down the curved applicator gives a curl and lengthening effect to your lashes, while the rounded applicator enhances them with a volume-enhancing effect. The two applicators combined give a panoramic, volume-enhancing eye look.

For enhanced lashes from morning to night, wrapped in a light texture and emphasised by volume-enhancing, lengthening and curling effects, which can be built up in layers of intensity and combined to your liking.

1. Sweep the rounded applicator along your lashes, from the base to the tip, in small horizontal zigzag movements until you have the effect you want.2. Then sweep the curved applicator from the base of your lashes to the tip.

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