To relax at the end of a busy day, to prep skin for make-up application, or to simply enjoy a pampering session worthy of any beauty salon: it’s always the right time for a face mask! 
But how do I choose the right mask for my skin? It’s super easy – just follow the various recommendations in our mini guide to learn how to navigate the magical world of skincare treatments. 

The various face mask formats

This is where things get fun: there are so many types of face mask and just as many different formats, all just waiting to be experimented with (and obviously immortalized in a fab selfie, following the example of online influencers).

Hydrogel masks
– They have a special structure, which means that they adhere perfectly to the face and slide satisfyingly onto the skin for a feeling of instant wellbeing. 
– Their lightweight, cooling gel texture does not run and is easy to apply owing to their special shape, which adapts to our facial contours.

Keep them in the fridge for an even more refreshing feel and your skin will thank you for it! 

Cream masks
 Super simple to apply and wear, cream masks won’t slip off the face or weigh down the skin – you’ll be able to carry on with your daily activities while they work their magic!
– They can be used alone or alternated with other cream masks to concurrently achieve different effects on different areas of the face.

Sheet masks
Much like hydrogel masks, sheet masks also adhere seamlessly to the face like a second skin and have a soft, ultra-comfortable texture. Their weave has been specially designed to retain and then gradually release the active ingredients into the skin. 

Patch masks
In either hydrogel or sheet formats, patch masks have been designed to be applied to specific areas of the face and are great for travelling.